The Industry.

Following the Oscars I figured it was appropriate timing to discuss the acting industry, how to get started and how to not going insane trying to stay in it.

I recently received a super sweet email from a curious follower asking a bunch of questions about how to break into the industry (& survive when work is slow). Now, I do NOT have it all figured out yet, I have pretty much just spent the last 2 years trying to figure it out. I have called in every favor from every contact I have, I have had some luck in the industry but I'll admit, it's not always easy and i certainly don't have all the answers. 

That said, I am happy to help others who are thinking about making this journey out in any way that I can- so here goes.

1. How do you get contacts within the industry?

I was lucky here, A couple of my good friends from college had already been out here for a while when I made the move. One was working for a talent agency the other was working in entertainment news. They were kind enough to introduce me to my now manager & every PR person I know & it has sort of just spiraled form there. I am slowly learning that it is ok to ask your more successful friends for favors and introductions.

2. How do you find out about auditions?

My manager gets me the bigger ones, but a lot of auditions are posted on casting websites. For starters, LA Casting, Actors Access, Backstage West, Now Casting, & Casting Frontier. All of these are around $10 a month which kind of sucks, but they are an investment in yourself- & THAT is important in this industry.

3. What's your audition prep like?

I am a big fan of not over thinking auditions. I will run through the sides 5-10 times the night before the audition, I will do some research on the character, and then I will relax. I do better in auditions when I haven't spent a whole day practicing- I tend to overact if I do that, but to each their own. I don't drink the night before, I get a good night's sleep, and I eat a healthy breakfast.

4. What do you do in your spare time?

I write, I go to yoga class, I hike Runyon Canyon, I relax on the beach, I used to paint a lot but I haven't had much time recently, I love to go get drinks with my girl friends, I cook, but mostly I am sitting in traffic haha.

5. Do you pay the bills solely through acting; if not, what do you do when you don't have a job?

This varies from month to month. & I think this is a really tough balance to find. On months when I am working on a project my bank account is flush and I feel on top of the world, then the next month will be slower and I find myself FREAKING OUT. I suck at money management, I won't even lie. But on the side I do a little bit of PR work with my friend's company, I will take random cocktail serving jobs, or do background acting (being an extra) if I need to, and blogging helps as well.

6. What made you interested in acting?

Oh Geez, I hate this question because the answer seems so silly but I have wanted to act since I saw the Sound of Music with Julie Andrews & then Bette Midler in Hocus Pocus when I was 6… I loved musicals. Since then my cousin and I had plans for me to be an actress and her to be my hair/makeup artist. We are both in those careers so I guess it's nice that we both always knew what we wanted!

7. What do you do in an average day?

This again, depends on the day- there will be days where I have 5 auditions, days when I am filming for 20 hours, and days when I have nothing to do. The day always starts with coffee. On days when I have no auditions that is when I find time to blog, sometimes when I'm lazy i'll do it from home, other times I'll go sit at a coffeeshop. 

8. What kinds of parts do you enjoy playing the most?

I really enjoy complex comedic roles. I love that there are more and more roles for women that are REAL women, not just sex objects or girls sitting around talking about boys 24/7.

9. What are the kinds of things you do that set you apart from the endless mass of other people gunning for the same thing you're gunning for?

Oh gosh good question! I think that every person has their own "thing" that sets them apart and makes them unique. I hope every single person that wants this dream and works hard for it makes it. There is no sense in comparing yourself to others and wondering why someone else got a role and you didn't. My friend Jenny and I are exactly the same "type" (redheads with pale skin and a "hipster" vibe) so we are up for the same roles A LOT and we actually help each other prep for the same auditions. I think it is SO IMPORTANT to support my fellow actors because it really takes a lot out of you to put yourself out there in such a public way. But that said, I guess what sets me apart is that I will never give up. I don't care if it takes me until I'm 40 to get a lead role, I'm in this to win it.

Other advice that wasn't addressed in these questions are as follows:

* Invest in good head shots - head shots can cost anywhere from $200-$600, but this is an investment in yourself. It's what Casting directors use to decide whether they want to see you for an audition

* Get into a GOOD acting class, when you are seeking representation it really helps to show that you are dedicated and in a reputable class.

* Get a reel- even if you haven't worked on anything yet, film scenes with your friends and have SOMETHING to show.

* Let go, stop doubting yourself, don't be afraid to fail, don't let negative feedback get you down, and don't give up. 

ALRIGHT well, thank you Aaron for the questions! & if anyone else reading this blog has additional questions feel free to shoot me an email in the contact section! I always try my best to respond! 


10 Types of Men You Will Most Likely Meet On Tinder.

Ohhhh Tinder. The weird little app that let's you scroll through (hopefully) single people in your area to "date". I am ashamed to admit that I have a tinder profile but honestly I think just about everyone in LA does whether they'll admit it or not. Now, I've actually never gone on a tinder date because stranger danger is real my friends & if I don't have at least one mutual friend who can vouch to the fact that you're a real person I'll probably assume that you're a murderer or a robot. That's just me. I did come close to going out for drinks with a gorgeous guy I saw on there in Michigan  while I was filming Roommates on Elm Street but my work schedule just did not allow it & I have been hanging out with a guy who I initially flirted with via twitter…which is just as bad & 100 times more public (in fact his mother tweeted me in the middle of our twitter flirtation soooo… there's that…) therefore. I am not judging those of you who do go on tinder dates. Do your thang (but maybe bring some pepper spray), no shame in the game. 

I am however judging some of the weird/rude/weird/creepy/weird/awful guys that I have come across on this app though. This blog is dedicated to them. 

The 10 Men You Will Most Likely Meet On Tinder:

1. The guy who will never respond - this guy is on Tinder purely for a confidence boost, he just wants to see how many women find him attractive.

2. The guy posing with a puppy- I SEE WHAT YOU ARE TRYING TO DO!! Do not fall for this guy's tom-foolery. Everyone looks 77% more adorable if they are holding a puppy. It's science.

3. The guy whose photos are all group pics- Chances are all his friends are hotter than him….and he knows it.

4. The "Honest" guy- This guy will message you in an attempt to be "honest" & "direct" about his intentions to just sleep with you & never call. He will probably send something super sweet like "Wanna fuck *winky face*" He will also probably call you a cunt if you say no. Bye Felipe.

5. The guy who will spend days asking you about yourself but never ask you out in real life.- Not even going to try to understand this person…. They're probably just bored… Or they have a girlfriend who isn't giving them enough attention?

6. Dan Bilzerian- RUN.

7. The guy who is sending the same exact message to every girl he matches with- For example, I give you "Pool Cue Brian" Now, Brian has been caught about 1000 times sending the exact same message to multiple women in the LA area- he was even featured on Buzzfeed…yet that hasn't stopped good Ol' Bri… I was aware of his shenanigans prior to matching with him but I had to see if he would send the same "I kinda want to make out with you" message to me, you know, for science. He did. 

8. The guy you actually know in real life- This is always awkward… 

9. Your friend's shady-as-fuck boyfriend- Do you tell her?? WHAT DO YOU DO? Somethings you just can't unsee.

& last but certainly not least...

10. The guy who will immediately send you an unsolicited dick pic- AHHHHHHH MY EYES!!!

Well, that pretty much covers my experience with Tinder so I think i'll probably stick to the old fashioned thing of meeting men in bars….. 



The Dating Game.

So. It's Valentine's Day. Huh. Where to start. I guess I can start by telling you that I decided to write this post because not once, or twice, but THREE times this week people have made comments along the lines of calling me the real life Carrie Bradshaw & I am not sure whether they were referring to my KILLER fashion sense, terrible money management skills, the fact that I share a pretty decent chunk of my life with the public on this blog, OR the fact that I have been a serial monogamist with extremely bad luck in love… Carrie was to emotional, to honest, and frankly, made a lot of bad relationship choices. So I guess I can see the parallel in more than one way. It got me thinking about dating in a big city, how impressed I was by the solid couples I do know that live in LA….because….like…HOW?….

So here goes… Valentine's Day…. Ugh.


 Naturally, like most people, I have mixed feelings about this holiday- but my issues with Valentine's Day aren't based on the fact that I'm sad about being single, because I'm NOT. In fact, I'm stoked that I'm not stuck in some dead end relationship with someone like I have been so many years in the past. I am HAPPY that today I bought myself peonies from the farmers market, got my nails done, & am going out with friends that I ADORE later tonight. I don't have to pretend to like some thoughtless box of chocolate and teddy bear, or spend $100 on a dinner in a crowded restaurant where at least 17.5 cliche-as-fuck couples are bound to get engaged... because like really…. WHAT THE FUCK DO I NEED A TEDDY BEAR FOR?? In fact, there was only one Valentine's Day I can recall in my past where the guy really knocked it out of the park & got me a gift with a lot of thought put in - & as it turns out it was only because he felt guilty about cheating on me. 

Since then I have kind of sworn of relationships. I have dated here and there and there was this one thing with my "best friend" that went on for way to fucking long, but I decided a few years back that I don't want to waste 6 months to a year stuck in a relationship that isn't going anywhere only to end up hurt and hating the dating game more and more. I want the next relationship I am in to be the last one. Until then I will be my own damn Valentine.

I have stayed true to myself with that & for that, I am proud. For MANY years I was NEVER single and I was mostly miserable. These past few years have given me the space I needed to grow, to learn who I was, to travel the world, to pursue my passions & not just punch the clock as I've seen so many people do. So now, if I ever do meet someone that I would consider VALENTINE material I will know that they love me- for me, & not for the person I invented to impress them. And I hope for my sake, that unlike Carrie Bradshaw I'll end up with an Aiden, not a Big.

That said, Valentine's Day can still be tough on us single girls in the city. It's impossible to get a reservation at any decent restaurants & it seems like all of a sudden everyone is in temporary relationships (which I'm sure will be over by the time Vegas pool season starts). But let's face it, the dating game in Los Angeles is fucking hard. Don't let anyone make you think that it is YOU, it's not. For one, we don't see the same people on a regular basis (at least I don't)- I'm an actress, the only people I see regularly are other female, ginger, twenty-somethings who I see at every audition I go to. Second, the grass-is-greener effect is in FULL FORCE in this city, I am guilty of it myself- why go out with a decent looking guy with a good job when you could possibly meet a male model with a trust fund tomorrow? (if this is your first time reading this blog- that was sarcasm). Thirdly- Traffic…. I may not be sure I like you enough to sit 45 minutes on the 405 just yet, you gotta EARN that.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE love & everything that comes with it, I just want that reach for the moon, over the fence, world series kinda thing…yah know?

So if you're single tonight, try to remind yourself of the reason why. You are single because you have not settled. You should be proud of that. Put some red lipstick on, grab a bottle of champagne, get your babes together & go out for drinks (preferably at a non-couple oriented place)… or stay in & watch movies, avoid the chaos while thanking your lucky stars that you don't have to ruin your diet with shitty chocolate from CVS, & remember that it's just one day out of the year. Given the choice I'd pick 364 good single-girl days & 1 day that I feel like crap for choosing to put myself first over 364 mediocre days & 1 love filled day every. single. time.

So cheers to you single ladies! I think we all know who is really winning here. Xx.




Strike a Pose

So guys, I slightly darkened my hair, I know you all care SO much about the shade of red on my head so I took new photos for you - wait, you don't care? RUDE.

WELL, the entertainment industry requires you to get new photos every time you get a new freckle SO this past week I have done a couple of shoots to update my portfolio & I am SO insanely happy with the results!! It takes a village to get good photos of me because I make really weird faces at photographers & usually won't sit still or stop laughing, so props to these two talented photographers for dealing with my shit for a few hours.

First up we have Gena Silva, (@Genasilvaphotography) we shot these yesterday in Venice with the help of make up artist Francie Luxe (@francieluxemakeup) who made me look amazing & taught me a cool trick of putting an icy blue eyeshadow in the inner corner of my eyes to make them pop! I styled myself on this one but these two babes definitely helped me out along the way, Francie even let me play with all her personal jewelry & lent me some shoes. :)

Shop this look: Beanie & gold cage ring by William B & Friends  , Top by Urban Outfitters , Skirt from Crossroads Trading Co, & Sunnies from Wild Fox 

Shop this look: Crochet vest from William B & Friends , Shirt from Brandy Melville, Shorts from Urban Outfitters , Sunnies by House of Harlow 

Shop this Look: all clothes & the hat are from Forever 21, Socks from Urban Outfitters, Sunnies by Prada 


Next we have my amazing shoot with Photographer Alycia Creative @alyciacreative- Alycia & I have shot before for my Fevrie Fashion shoot a little while back & when I knew I'd need some new snaps she was the first person I thought of for the job! She has a way of putting me at ease and when we shoot it feels more like 2 friends hanging out than work. I highly recommend her.

We did this fun little shoot at my house, so we had all my clothes & make up to play with which was fun for me because I had been dying to do a shoot with the blue lipstick from Graftobian Makeup  

I absolutely loved the results! 

Shop this Look: Top & Bralette from Urban Outfitters  , Bell Bottoms from Gypsy Warrior , Hat & Jewelry from William B & Friends, Shoes by Steve Madden , and Jacket from Forever 21 

Shop this Look: Romper from Foreign Exchange , necklace from Brandy Melville 

Shop this Look: Top by For Love and Lemons, Skirt from American Apparel, Shoes are Aldo, Sunnies are Urban Outfitters, and Book is Charles Dickens :)

Now that you are thoroughly sick of my face, I will go back to doing actual work & leave you to your day! 


Happy Shopping. :)