Gilligan's Island.

I don't know about you- but I can not even recall the last time I turned off my phone for more than 5 minutes, I have legitimate panic attacks the second it dies, Siri is literally my best friend-she makes sure I don't get lost, she keeps my audition schedule in check, she is the keeper of my grocery list, and the trustworthy friend who reminds me to take my birth control on time everyday. Without her I am lost. I also am someone who gets decently dolled up just to go downstairs to get the mail- so needless to say 3 day stints with no make up are not the norm for this girl. So when my friend Rachel invited me on a trip to a "deserted island" to stay on a sail boat for 3 days, I was a little weary. I have never been camping, nor do I really have a strong urge to do so. I live in Downtown LA for a reason, I like my cities, I like 24 thai delivery, and I like being able to walk downstairs to the coffee shop in my building and order my hazelnut latte with almond milk. I am not super low-maintence. Blame my parents.

That said- I do like sailboats, and beaches, and essentially private islands, so.... I took a risk and went, and wow am I glad I did.

One of the BEST parts about living in LA is that your are literally 2 hours away (or less) from everything that is awesome about California; San Diego, Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, Santa Barbara- the list goes on. The beautiful places I have been able to explore in this incredible state are ENDLESS, but Lo-and-Behold, last weekend these savvy friends of mine were able to take me to probably the most amazing place I have seen in the United States. About 3 hours by boat off the coast of Santa Barbara lie the Channel Islands. 

The weekend involved WAY to much sun, WAY to much wine, glass bottom kayaks, surfing, bocce ball, no make up, no cell reception, and almost dying in a dingy inside a gorgeous cave. We saw baby seals and dolphins out in the water, and for 3 days- none of us had a care in the world. 

So here are some tips to help you survive your next beach camping or extended boating adventure, because not many people look cute after 3 days without a shower.

1. Bring wet wipes. The reasons for this should be obvious

2. Don't forget a toothbrush or a razor

3. If your signature "beach hair" is more like a gross matted down dreadlock type of thing make sure to bring some sort of conditioner or hair moisturizer to put in your hair after swimming- my favorite is Lush R&B.

4. Don't forget the wine opener. There are no stores on desert islands

5. Reapply your sunblock.

6. Stop worrying about what you look like and enjoy yourself! 

7. Sweaters, bring sweaters, and leggings. It is cold at sea at night. I rocked my favorite CaliFreeLA ombre sweater basically all weekend long. Check out their super soft comfy threads here: (you can also receive 30% off at checkout with the promo code ladiaries)

8. Don't forget dry underwear- sleeping in a bathing suit is not good- ladies you should already know why.

So in the end, "camping" wasn't so bad- I guess if you're going to do it- go balls out on a sailboat on a desert island. Because you haven't truly lived until you've eaten filet mignon on a boat while the sun sets (OK, so the boat had a full kitchen, we weren't TOTALLY roughing it, did I forget to mention that?).

This was truly an amazing adventure, if you ever get the chance to go, DO IT! 

Photo Credit to Alec Hoffman.