Deal Breakers.

So something that most actors who follow the casting breakdowns know is that you can actually get PAID to go be in the audience for certain shows- they're usually silly shows like Judge Judy or Let's Make a Deal- it's an easy way to go make $50-$100 cash on your day off and sometimes it's actually a lot of fun. Yesterday I was given the opportunity to get paid to attend 2 tapings of The Real, a new show hosted by comedian Loni Love, Adrienne Bailon, Jeannie Mai, Tamara Mowry, & Tamar Braxton (Toni Braxton's little sister). It was actually a lot of fun & I even scored some cool swag along with being paid to go, I also got to meet Tamara Mowry who is so gorgeous and sweet- so overall, it was a pretty great day. 

A few topics that they discussed actually stood out to me though- one woman and her husband came out and discussed the fact that she takes TWO HOURS to get ready on any given day and it was causing problems in their relationship. We later played a little game called "date or diss" where we were given scenarios and asked whether we would still date the guy or diss him. It was interesting to see how many of us disagreed on some of these topics. For instance: I think it sounds BAT SHIT CRAZY to take 2 hours to get ready just for something as simple as dinner or a baseball game- an awards show or photoshoot MAYBE, but AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT on a regular basis, well, or so I thought. Some of the hosts completely agreed with this woman and sort of got on the husband for not understanding everything that women have to go through.  Another topic a lot of us disagreed on was whether they would "date or diss" a guy based on the fact that he talked to his mother on the phone every day. I said DISS- but quite a few of the women said that that was totally fine! 

So this got me thinking, what are your dating DEAL BREAKERS?? I'm willing to budge on a lot of things, but there are certain things that I will not compromise on & feel free to ask anyone I've ever dated (or my parents) I am stubborn as all hell.

Ok so here goes.

1. Mama's boys- don't get me wrong- I think everyone should love and respect their mothers, update them on their life, send flowers on their birthday or even just because- but when it crosses that line where you're telling your mom good news before your girlfriend, she has a key to your apartment, or she's still doing your laundry. No. Buh Bye.

2. Texting my girl friends- Unless you're asking for advice on what to get me for Christmas or setting up a surprise party for my birthday, no. I know a lot of other girls who are not weird about this, but for reasons I won't go into on this blog, it's just not my thing.

3. Bad Tippers- As someone who has had many serving jobs while trying to support my dream of being an actress it really irks me when people are rude to waiters and don't tip at least 18%. To me this shows that he views himself as "better" than these people and I can not with pompous assholes. Bye.

4. Cigarette smoking- Gross. & I don't want to smell. The end.

5. Being Homophobic- My gay besties were here before you & they are not going anywhere, so deal. I have no room for intolerant macho bullshit in my life.

6. Video Games- I've dated THAT guy. Nope. I don't want to spend my Sunday afternoon watching you play video games, I want to go to the beach, & let's be real, unless you're a millionaire- do you REALLY HAVE TIME to spend 5 hours playing WoW? 

7. Boundaries- I live in a controlled access building in an apartment alone with my cat for a reason- I like my space, do not show up unannounced. I will think you are creepy. Fact.

8. Owning a snake- Sort of joking. But like....really.... I will never live with a snake so... this probably won't work out....

9. Dismissing the idea of Marriage and Children- Men who are in their 30's in LA still CRINGE at these words and it's so ridiculous to me. I am 25, it's time to start being honest with the world about what I WANT. If you don't ever see yourself getting married or having children, NEXT.

10. Referring to his ex-girlfriend's as "Crazy"- If a guy tells me that ALL of his ex's are crazy bitches, I'm going to assume that this dude DID SOMETHING TO MAKE THEM CRAZY BITCHES. Bye.

11.  HYGIENE.- I get it, you're a dude- but I appreciate some manscaping and deodorant, k thanks.

Oh & Cheating. But that's a given.

OK so those are things that I WON'T BUDGE on, and after being on the show yesterday I know that not everyone agrees with me! However, there were a few things that most of the women said they would "Diss" a guy for that I was like WHATTTTT?!?!?!

The one in particular that comes to mind is "Would you date or diss a guy who wished his ex a happy birthday on Facebook?" Most of the women in their 30's said DISS. Stating that people shouldn't even be friends with their ex's on social media and they would feel it was a slap in the face if their man publicly wished her a happy bday... I on the other hand have to completely disagree. I would MUCH rather him wish her a happy birthday via social media than do something more personal like call or text... to me social media is very impersonal, so I'd totally give that a pass.

Another thing I disagreed with a lot of women on was the topic of dating a dude with a roommate. Personally- We live in LA rent is fucking blasphemously expensive, so if a guy is single and has a roommate to me that shows that he is being financially responsible.  

As for the rest of it, I can deal. I can handle putting up with someone's shitty taste in music or poorly drawn tattoos, I'll probably just roll my eyes if they use the word "yolo" and I won't ditch you if you can't cook. 

So what are your dating deal breakers? I would love to hear them!