Lake Arrowhead.

It's no secret that LA overwhelms me sometimes. My best friends probably can't even count how many times I have called them almost in tears because of traffic.  This is a tough city, it just is, so sometimes you just need a little get away. This past Saturday my friend Joey & I got in her new car and drove a few hours up north to Lake Arrowhead (which is a private lake right next to Big Bear Mountain). We spent the day relaxing at the deli/pizza place she used to work at, went out on the boat with a few of her old friends, and even made a little trip over to the house she grew up in. FUNNY STORY: We thought her old house was abandoned, there WAS a work truck there but it looked like it hadn't been moved in quite a while and while the house was insanely beautiful it definitely hadn't been kept up the way a house that lovely should have been. Joey was a little bummed that she couldn't really see inside & I noticed that a few of the windows on the second level were open and that there was a random ladder by the garage. Being the spontaneous person that I am I look at Joey and go "If you really want to get inside I'm down to grab that ladder and help you get in..." With a devious look in our eyes we carried the ladder up and got into the house... less than 10 seconds later a man who was "renting a room" there (in my opinion he was squatting) came out in his underwear and goes "UM...Can it help you??!" hahahahaha. Busted. Thinking as quickly as I could I just shouted "Sorry she used to live here her dad basically built this house and we just wanted to check it out we didn't think anyone lived here!" To our surprise the man didn't call the cops on us & let us look around. Oops. I guess the saying is true... A friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting in the cell with you saying "man that was a crazy time".


Such a beautiful day!! The White dress I wore initially (before I went swimming and changed into my comfy gypsy warrior go-to tye dye dress) was from a designer friend of mine whose clothes can be found at ! The story of the dress goes something kind of like this: Joey ordered a similar dress from a popular website & paid for expedited shipping so she could have the dress for her bday dinner. The dress had not arrived by the morning of the dinner so I asked my friend Michelle (one of the CaliFreeLA designers) if she could do me an extra special favor & check if she had anything SIMILAR in her warehouse. Michelle stepped up and did one better she MADE Joey a custom dress that looked BETTER than the one she originally ordered in less than 3 hours!! WHAT A GOOD PERSON! I am so proud to support such an amazing company with super cute affordable clothing. They'll even do custom orders! 

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