Summertime Fine.

Alright guys, it's official- we've all (hopefully) paid June rent & summer has officially commenced (at least in California). Summer in LA will be sure to include rooftop pool parties, beach bonfires, and plenty of mojitos- Hell, maybe i'll even re-learn how to surf, but one thing I hope to avoid? SUNBURNS. Being a member of the super-pale-almost-ginger-skin-club I have to seriously worry about my skin in the summer, so if you're like me- read along for some tips to keep you calm, cool, collected, and NOT looking like a sundried tomato, ya dig?




SUNCREEN- This is kind of a no brainer for us pale folk, but occasionally while sipping mimosas in the sun one can forget the number one rule- always wear sunscreen. I opt for SPF 50. Remember to re-apply after swimming.

HATS- I'm almost always a big fan of hats, mainly because I hate doing my hair, but not only will some cute fedoras make you look stylish and hide pool hair- they will also block your face from the sun. Which in turn will help to keep you wrinkle-free long past the rest of the sun-worshippers.

Light weigh knits- The one I'm wearing in these photos was found at Crossroads Trading for $6, but the ones at Brandy Melville are my official summer staple. Light weight, loose fitting, and SUPER comfortable, while still having a flattering shape. Exactly what a girl needs to feel oh so fine for summer.

Comfortable Wedges- This is Los Angeles and for some odd reason- flip flops just don't cut it at the pool around here, girls literally wear stilettos to the Roosevelt Hotel pool parties- it's sort of insane in my opinion but I guess it's always better to be over dressed than under dressed. So invest in a pair of comfortable nude wedges that you can rock all summer long.

Day-to-Night Dresses- Nothing is worse than heading from a pool party to dinner or a bar feeling like you had zero time to primp a little. MY advice? Wear dresses that can easily go from day party to night party with the simple addition of a few accessories. The brand LUSH has some amazing maxi dresses and rompers that will do just that. Store a leather jacket in your car and voila- you're all ready to dance the night away.

REMEMBER UNDERWEAR- I can't tell you how many times I couldn't go straight from day-to-night events because I forgot a bra and panties & a wet swimsuit is not a good look (not to mention you're probably asking for a yeast infection if you do that- gross.)

Switch up your Red- We all know that I am red lipstick's biggest fan, it makes you look fancy on those oh-so-lazy days. For summer try a red with an orangey tint instead of your true red staple, it looks bright and fresh! Lady Danger by MAC is a favorite of mine, if you're feeling daring Heroine by MAC is also a fantastic bright magenta that i adore.

STAY HYDRATED- This really should've been #1. Make sure to drink WATER in between those mimosas.

Now relax & enjoy. And don't you dare be the girl who is afraid of getting her hair wet, your hat will save you. Xx