Holiday Fashion Must Haves

Ok, I will say it. The holidays are the death of me. Don't get me wrong, I love egg nog and pumpkin flavored things, the smell of a Christmas tree, and cuddling by a fire with someone special. HOWEVER on the flip side, buying gifts is not REALLY in my budget right now, having nice outfits for the multitude of Christmas parties I've been invited to is STRESSING ME OUT, and my family is very blended so I always feel bad when I choose to spend Christmas with either parent. Thankfully at least one of these problems is completely fix-able (is that a word? I'm not sure..) ANYWHO, back to clothes. I find that for holiday parties it is best to keep it simple and wear your everyday clothes and include a bold statement piece such as a sequin blazer over that perfect LBD you already own or a patterned dress with some tights and jewelry you've got lying around- maybe even a cute jumpsuit! I also think it's a good move to wear something LOOSE in the stomach area- um hello, you'll probably be eating way more food than normal. 

I have recently teamed up with Fevrie Fashion for this holiday season to give my readers 25% OFF of their entire site until December 31st! They have TONS of amazing statement pieces (like the amazing dress below which was a HIT at my family Thanksgiving get together- and it was loose and comfortable enough to wear while over-eating and dancing around like a fool with all the kiddos in my family! This site has it all- from classy lace brocade tops to go meet your boyfriend's parents in to sexy-yet-classic dresses to wear for a night on the town with your old friends from high school (who has the best style now? um you...duh.) Just type in the code LAURABARRETT at check out and you're all set! 

Photos by Alycia Creative.