The Art of the Human Body

In my industry image is everything, but sometimes I think that Hollywood takes it to far. I am all for doing what you need to do to feel good about yourself- even if that means having a little nip/tuck here or there, I don't judge. BUT I also think that being natural is beautiful. A wise man once said that "the human body is the best work of art" and I would have to agree. We are all beautiful. Every woman has a different shape, different skin tone, and little quirks that make her unique! In a recent shoot with incredibly talented photographer ELAINE TORRES I stripped down & bared it all with wet hair, and no makeup other than a little concealer and mascara, Why? Because I feel that the human body is something that should be celebrated. 

As I get older I am starting to really love the things that I used to be embarrassed about- my freckles, my pale skin, my large cartoon-like eyes, the fact that my nose is not completely centered on my face, the scar I have on my right cheek from when my mom nicked me with an acrylic nail as a baby (total accident)... The scar I have on my nose and the one I have on my knee from an injury when I was 18. I used to hate all the things that made me unique, special even. Now, these are some of my favorite physical attributes. I am flawed, my body is not perfect, but I am HUMAN

So without further a-do, here are my favorite shots from the shoot! I hope they will inspire you all to be bold and confident with yourselves!