21 Questions with Emily Kolberg of AG Jeans!

So about a week or two ago I was re-reading my own blog racking my brain for new topics to talk to you all about when I realized that my blog has been kind of one sided, all about the entertainment industry- makes sense right? I mean, it is MY blog and I am an aspiring actress, but then I reminded myself that there are many other reasons that people move to LA; for one, there is the OTHER side of the entertainment industry- you know, the one made up of the doers, the business minded, the people whom without actors and musicians would be completely lost because we are mostly all artistic crazy people- then there's the KILLER fashion industry, the fun- but sometimes shameless entertainment journalists, the list goes ON. So I started asking some of my friends (and some people I don't know personally) in other industries if they wouldn't mind sharing their stories- and what do yah know? Quite a few jumped on board!

First up is Emily Kolberg, Emily is a personal friend of mine who I met this past year at Coachella- although we haven't known each other long, I consider Emily one of my soul sisters. She is one of those girls that you just ADORE the second that you meet her. It's no wonder that at just the young age of 26 she is taking the fashion world by storm as the digital media coordinator for AG jeans. Her electric smile and bubbly personality is enviable. We share a love of flannel and casual style and she is my go to girl friend when I have tech questions for this blog as well as the girl I am constantly texting “omg girl, you need to teach me where to shop.” PLUS she is also doing the digital media for an upcoming Los Angeles music festival called Don't Stop the Music on October 25th & 26th! What CAN'T this girl do!?

Here Emily and I talk about her road to success, dating in LA, and how you too can break into the fashion industry!

(Photos complements of the very talented Larsen Sotelo- www.larsensotelo.com)

L: Hey Emily! Thank you so much for sitting down with me today! Let's get right to it shall we? I have to know, What made you want to get into the fashion industry?

E: I grew up loving art and fashion. My mom was an artist and some of my favorite moments were when we would take "me and my mommy" trips to Kenwood Mall to go shopping. Limited Too was a must stop and I was convinced once I turned 16, I would work there for the rest of my life. By the time I became an adult, my love for fashion had stuck and I made the move to California to attend FIDM 2 months after graduating from High School.  

L: Oh my gosh that is amazing, I remember Limited too! My sister and I had these crazy shiny bellbottoms from there that we were OBSESSED with, mine were pink and hers were blue! So, it's safe to say that you didn't end up working the counter at Limited too for the rest of your life- What WAS your first job in the fashion industry?, & Did you love it or hate it?

E: My first job after graduating from FIDM was as a Technical Design Associate at Kellwood. I did really enjoy this job and appreciated it as my entry to the industry that would make up my life. I loved sketching and I will always love learning. Being fresh out of school, this was the perfect opportunity for me. 

L: That's incredible, so many people hate their first jobs out of college, so how did you get to where you are today?

E: Eesh. This is a long sequence of events. After being at Kellwood for over a year, I realized that I had a true passion for trend forecasting. I began freelance trend consulting for Charlotte Russe and soon realized that "this could be my full time career." I started my own company called The Style Map with a friend and as young, blonde, trendy girls, we found more success than we could have asked for. Much of my time during this period was spent online searching through blogs and social media. I became obsessed with this idea of fashion + technology and the amazing communities of people who have never met each other, yet trust and support each other wholeheartedly. 

L: Oh, I have actually heard of the Style Map- I didn't know you started that! Crazy! So- What is your favorite part about doing digital media now?

E :One of the best things about being a Digital Media Coordninator is that there is always room for innovation, growth, and movement. Right ways and wrong ways of doing things have been established and I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel, but I am allowed to create new wheels. This industry is relatively new and there is so much untouched potential. I'm constantly reading sites like Techcrunch and Mashable, keeping up on social media and startup news. There are more innovators pushing out content and ideas now than ever.

L: I'll have to check those sites out, maybe then I won't have to come to you every ten seconds constantly asking for tech help haha! So, who would you say are your biggest fashion icons?

E: I hate this question. haha. skip. 

L: Haha! There are just so many people to choose from, okay we will give you a pass on that one, but how would you describe your personal style?

E: My style has always been a mix of everything, depending on how I'm feeling. Within the past couple of months, I would say that my style has begun to mature. More than not, it's refined, simple, and comfortable. Since starting with AG, I've found myself living in denim. T-shirts, flannels, and basic tanks in rich fabrics are my most recent clothing crushes. 

L: On that we can definitely agree, I am the queen of comfort lately- I feel like my days of skin tight dresses are long behind me. You always seem to make comfortable look so fashionable though, what are some lifestyle tips you could give our readers?

E: Don't say "no" unless you can't. Know when you can't.  

L: Good advice! Ok so what is your favorite piece in your closet right now and where did you get it?

E: Toughy. Well, I wear flannel about 4 times a week. My favorite flannel is one that I found in a "free" bin outside of a thrift shop in the middle of nowhere Montana. No, really. Middle of no where. No cell phone service, no nothin. Nothin but some super fab flannel (and vintage denim! BAM)

L: Those are the BEST finds aren't they?! My favorite flannel is from the men's section at the Goodwill in Los Feliz and it is so fabulously worn in, I adore it. So since you love all things casual and thrifted- what would you say is your secret to pulling a look together?

E: No matter what I'm wearing, the one thing that always seems to pull my look together is a pop of lip color!  

L: Another thing we can agree on! I'm starting to see why we are friends haha! On that note- how long would you say it takes you to get ready?

E: Mornings before work: 15-20 minutes

Before a hot date: hour and a half. Got to enjoy the "get sexy" ritual ya knowwww.  

L: I definitely agree! Although, I must say it is a rare occasion when I can get out the door in 20 minutes! You must have your effortless look down to a science! When rushing out the door what is your MUST HAVE beauty product?

E: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner: http://www.sephora.com/stay-all-day-waterproof-liquid-eye-liner-P253818?skuId=1221084&om_mmc=ppc-GG&mkwid=mwsNP8c4&pcrid=49113159039&pdv=c&site=us_search&country_switch=us&lang=en&gclid=Cj0KEQjwzK6hBRCbzLz_r_f-3tkBEiQA-zyWsJWVaRvMwcW8wHddypLYBg-Opa5RI7_6ERrkYoX8Z-4aAqEy8P8HAQ

L: Oo yes, I will have to try that brand out! Ok, let's talk about your new position with AG Jeans- I hear you are working on a project with Alexa Chung, What is she like?

E: We are and we are all SO excited about it!! It's going to be amazing. I can't stop drooling. It's becoming a problem. Alexa is amazing. I don't get star struck. As excited as I was to hear that we were collaborating with Alexa, I didn't imagine I would be "star struck." I was quickly proven wrong. She's so fab I don't even know what to do with myself when I'm in the same room as her. Firstly, she's hilarious. Doesn't give two shits what you think about her because she is who she is (and she knows you probably love her. You double-tap all her insta photos, afterall). Not only is she beautiful and has a personality that should be shared first hand with everyone around the world, but she is an incredibly creative and talented contributor to the AC for AG line. She's been more hands on and committed to the success of the collection than we as a company could have ever expected. Ok, longest paragraph of this entire interview. I'll stop now. She's fucking fab. 

L: I am so jealous of your life!! She would definitely be on my list of style icons! Alright, this one might be tough cause there are so many great styles and fits but what is your favorite AG Jeans style?

E: The Legging Ankle - 11 Years Swapmeet! THE BEST EVER. And Olivia Palermo's fave too ;)  

L: Well if Olivia Palermo loves it, then I am SOLD! Haha- ok, I know that you get to travel a lot for work- what is your favorite city that you've been to so far?

E: For work? I would say Tokyo. I love Asia. I love Asians. I love fashion. Makes sense. Doesn't hurt that the Asians tend to love me too. That blonde hair blue eyed thing helps out on the other side of the world.  

L: Hate to break it to you, but I think everyone loves you everywhere in the world! Ok so we've talked about your thriving professional life, but what about your personal life- how would you describe dating in LA?

E: ............................please hold.............................. 

L: I honestly think if I asked most of my girlfriends that question they would have similar answers- what is up with that? It's SO hard to meet people in this town!How do you feel about using online dating or tinder to find your perfect match?

E: I wish it would actually work. I've swiped probably more than anyone else on that damn app. These social media fingers are speedy swipers. Still have not found my husband. Oh! But I did have one guy call me a "square" and block me after I wouldn't tell him the last time I had sex! Maybe I should set my radius to 200 Trillion miles and find an alien to date.

L: Ew someone actually asked you that? I guess some people view tinder as a “hookup” app but it always kind of shocks me that men are so forward about sex these days! Where is the chase or the mystery?! Well, don't lose hope girl, we will find you an alien! Alright, enough about the abysmal dating pool in LA let's talk shopping- what is your favorite place to shop here in LA?

E: I'm actually an avid fan of Brandy Melville. Every time I go in that spot I leave with my newest, softed, cutest, tee or tank.  

L: I'm a big Brandy fan as well & I love that it's one size fits all, I like to buy my little sister stuff from there as gifts so when I visit her I can borrow stuff haha!So how about your favorite bar, where will you be wearing all these cute outfits to?

E: I just went to Good Times at Davey Waynes for the first time last weekend! It was a blast. The drinks are affordable, the crowd is mixed, there's live music and a cute bartender served me drinks and flirty pickup lines all night long. SOLD. 

L: I LOVE that place! I dig the 70's house party vibe, we will have to go there together sometime- the music is amazing, speaking of which- what is on your playlist right now?

E: GLASS ANIMALS - GOOEY. Warning, the music video is kinda...strange. 

L: Now I'm intrigued! So- I know that you have a crazy hectic schedule & I must say I have often asked myself how you do it, in a city that is so hectic- how do you keep your cool and stay sane?

E: I guess I just keep going. I'm happiest when I'm accomplishing things. I definitely get myself in too deep sometimes/most times. I constantly remind myself that I need to make time for the things I care about: my dog, books, cleaning (I know, weird, but I find cleaning super enjoyable), dancing with friends, etc. I also keep a calendar. Without a calendar, I would be completely lost. 

L: I can vouch for the cleaning, your apartment is always immaculate- if you ever want to de-stress you're welcome to come clean my apt because I find it so stressful!! Ok so I need to jet to an audition but we have time for one last question - Last but certainly not least- what advice would you give young girls who are considering moving to LA to break into the fashion industry?

E: This is really for anyone...If you're going to do it, FUCKING DO IT. Do it with all of your energy and don't give up. Guys, there have been so many times that I walk into a room and I feel like I am the most underaccomplished person in the world. Then I get an email or a phone call from someone that offers me a job or an opportunity that I could have never gotten unless I worked my ass off, and I remember that "oh yeah, I actually do do a LOT. And I feel pretty good about that."  

L: You really do do quite a bit girl, you're basically wonder woman I am constantly amazed by your drive! It was so good chatting with you- Let's grab drinks this weekend! Perhaps Good Times at Davey Wayne's? Ha!

If you'd like to know more about Emily or follow her journey be sure to check out her blog and follow her on instagram @EmilyKolberg!