An Interview with Lindsay Hoffman of inTouch Magazine!

Today I am sitting down with my good friend Lindsay Hoffman. Lindsay is a successful entertainment reporter for inTouch magazine, as well as Life & Style Weekly, and Closer Magazine. She is bubbly, super positive, and beyond generous with her friends. Lindsay always invites me to be her plus one to star studded events and has even helped me get on a few red carpets! She and I have formed an amazing friendship where we can tell each other anything free from judgement- but the first time we met did not go as smoothly.

I met Lindsay in college at Arizona State University we had quite a few mutual guy friends and the first night we met I saw her leaving hand-in-hand with a guy whose girlfriend I was friends with. Apparently in my probably drunken-college-girl stupor I shouted “ HE HAS A GIRLFRIEND!!!” and Lindsay just walked off into the night with said dude. She has since told me that nothing happened between them- but fast forward to 3 years later, I spotted Lindsay at a popular Hollywood nightclub called Beacher's Madhouse. I waived her down to say hello and we ended up dancing the night away. Later into the night after a few cocktails she confessed that she spotted me earlier and was afraid to say hello because she thought that I HATED her?!?! We laugh about that all the time now and our friendship is stronger than ever. Here we discuss Lindsay's road to success, the perks of her job, and she dishes on who her favorite celebs to interview are! Let's get started!

  1. Laura: Hey babe! Ok so, I gotta say I think it's so incredible that you scored your dream job right out of college- how did that even happen?!

    Linds: I was at a bar, literally. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. I was talking to a manager at a bar in my hometown and his sister worked there. I made him get me in contact with her, sent her my resume and asked to meet at the office. They had me work one day and I been working there ever since. I obviously had a degree for it as well, but it’s funny how things work out sometimes.

    Laura: That's so amazing! Sometimes it just takes meeting that one right person! That is why you've got to be kind to everyone you meet, you never know who they are! You mention getting a degree for journalism- how do you think your time at ASU prepare you for a job as an entertainment reporter?

    Linds: The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication is one of the best in the country. The classes really prepared me for the job. Not only that but the party scene there taught me how to network, it’s the same thing it’s all about who you know.

    Laura: Haha, leave it to you to turn the party scene at ASU into a study of how to network in the real world! I actually agree that ASU students have some pretty solid social skills! But you've recently written about how you didn't realize how high stress your job would be- how do you manage your stress levels?

    Linds: I always try to keep a positive mindset. I meditate nearly every day and do yoga and I make sure to get a lot of rest to recharge. I think finding time for yourself is most important. Life is to live, never let anything get in the way of your own happiness.

    Laura: Agreed! You've actually motivated me to meditate and look into crystals! You're so good with all of that! Alright next question- what is your favorite part about your job (other than helping me get into cool parties haha)

    Linds: My favorite part of my job is really the fact that I did it. That I had a goal that I set and I achieved it. That I get to meet a lot of very cool people who have also achieved goals on a high level and hear how they did it. The ability to just get to learn from so many different kinds of people and hear their experiences and get to see things that most people don’t get to… like Brad Pitt at the Oscars… haha.

    Laura: I am SO insanely jealous that you got to interview him! He is one of my idols in the acting world!! Who would your career idol be?

    Linds: Lucille Ball. Not that I want to be an actress. Just that a lot of people told her that she couldn’t do it, that she was to shy but she never gave up and she became an icon. She changed the history of television and wasn’t afraid to just be herself and she still makes the world smile.

    Laura: Oh that's a good one! I was expecting you to say like Barbara Walters or something, but Lucille Ball is a classic success story! Ok but, who was the most interesting person you've had the opportunity to interview on the red carpet?

    Linds: Oprah is up there on my list. Jared Leto also has been a super fun person. One time I told him I liked his shoes at an Oscar luncheon and he was talking at a podium and he just stuck his foot in the air to talk about his shoes and it was amazing. Also when the Village People called me and said they loved me and that Gloria Gaynor had raved about me… is this real life?

    Laura: That's just fucking incredible. Excuse my language but OPRAH?!?! & I too met Jared at Coachella and he was nice as ever. It must feel so nice that people in the industry trust you- I know entertainment news can be a dirty business sometimes, was there ever a story that you didn't want to write about, even though you knew it was true?

    Linds: As a journalist you have to be unbiased and report the facts. I wouldn’t be doing my job if I let my personal bias get in the way.

    Laura: That's fair! So have you ever gotten really really starstruck by someone?

    Linds: Actually I haven’t. I just love meeting people whoever you are.

    Laura: Has there ever been a moment where you've just thought “wow, I can't believe I am here right now?”

    Linds: Every morning I wake up like that. My senior year of college I told myself that I would go to every red carpet by the next year. I had no idea how I just knew that I would. I wrote it in my book of affirmations every day and one year later I went to the Oscars, Grammys, Emmys, I did go to them all.

    Laura: AND We went to the Kid's Choice Awards!! Haha can't forget that one! Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    Linds: In five years I see myself being happy. I see myself being my own brand and owning my own company, although I’m not sure what the company will be yet I it will involve bringing people together and helping others. I see my self-monetizing my blog Dose Of Happiness and speaking to people at events and schools. I see myself being a host on some sort of entertainment TV show weather it is local or national and hopefully starting a family.

    Laura: What advice would you give someone who wanted to become an entertainment reporter?

    Linds: Follow your heart and don’t let anyone tell you no. If you want something go for it. Everyday I literally do 10 impossible things I never thought I could do. In general just follow those tips, whatever you want to do.

     Laura: Ok, enough about work, let's talk DATING- what are your thoughts about dating in LA, is it different from your home town of Chicago?

    Linds: I think what you perceive you receive. What you seek you will find good or bad. I could say in LA that everyone is into themselves and their jobs but it’s really your mindset. You can’t allow those things to get in your way. There are good and bad people anywhere. Project what you want and you will get that.

    Laura: That's a really positive outlook! Have you had any really terrible dates in this city?

    Linds: Nope. I don’t go on dates with people that I think are negative people. I’d say I’ve had rude guys with no respect try to pick me up at the bar or the club but that’s life.

    Laura: How do you feel about online dating?

    Linds: I think you should do whatever you want to do. You never know where you will meet the love of your life why put up any barriers.

    Laura: I like that outlook- so what are your dating deal-breakers?

    Linds: 1. Smoking 2. Someone who cannot communicate 3. If you have no goals 4. If you are mean

    Laura: Ugh, Smoking cigarettes is so gross I am with you there girl! Alright let's switch it up- you have such great hair and skin- what are your beauty secrets?!

    Linds: This is totally something I ask on the red carpet, it’s funny the other way around.

    I’d say my biggest beauty secret is to take care of your self. I make sure I get a lot of rest. I wear a lot of sunscreen and use daily moisturizer. I take vitamins and drink a lot of water and try to eat healthy.

    I definitely make sure to deep condition my hair and put little product in it. I don’t straighten or curl it much. For skin I love getting a hydra facial. It is literally the best thing, it’s expensive but lasts a few months and you see instant results, it has really helped my skin.

    Laura: I'll have to look into getting one of those facials! You also have super cute style & since you're always attending events around town so you must need lots of dresses on a moments notice. What are your favorite LA places to shop?

    Linds: I wish I had time to shop. I’d say my favorite store out here is called Angl. I think everything in there should be my closet and it’s affordable.

    Laura: I love that store, so cute. How about your favorite restaurants?

    Linds: I love Craig’s in West Hollywood. It’s got an old fashioned vibe, it’s intimate and literally everything on the menu is great. They even have a secret desert menu that is literally the best desert I have ever eaten. It’s also great for celebrity spotting.

    Laura: Yes you have taken me there! That bread pudding was to DIE FOR! & the bartender wasn't bad looking! Well, I know sometimes you miss Chicago but you seem to be thriving here on the west coast- Do you see yourself staying in LA forever?

    Linds: I guess you will have to find out and see.

    Laura: Well I hope you do because I'd be lost without you lady! Ok that's all the time we have for today but keep doing what you do & let's have a yoga date soon!! Xx.