Why you should be shopping at warehouses

Ok- I really shouldn't even need to explain this to anyone. If you live in Los Angeles and you're not shopping at factories and warehouses downtown- you're doing it wrong. That is literally like going to Brooklyn and not getting any pizza, it's basically sacrilegious. However- after a few of my friends asked me how I always have new clothes but am also seemingly just as broke as they are I discovered that they were still going to the mall and paying full price for things.... WHAT?!?! People still pay full price for things????

When you're in LA whether you live here or are just visiting you are in a city where TONS of your favorite brands are made!! Go directly to the factory and shop!! If you bring cash you usually get superrrrr discounted prices! 

Here are a few of my faves:

* the American Apparel Factory store flea market- make sure you go UPSTAIRS to the FLEA MARKET, not the factory store downstairs- downstairs is still full price. Upstairs you can grab your favorite basic for as little as $2! 

747 Warehouse St, Los Angeles 

* the Cali Free LA warehouse - make an appointment first 

* the For Love and Lemons Factory- 

862 Los Angeles St, Los Angeles 

* the Urban Outfitters Surplus Store- 

14570 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks 

There are a million other of these warehouse with smaller local brands as well- I have found a few just from emailing their PR department directly and asking if I could stop by- most smaller brands want to get the word out about their clothes so what do they have to lose?! 

Alright guys kept it short and sweet tonight- just wanted to make sure everyone I know is informed about this because I seriously thought this was common knowledge and finding out it wasn't was MIND BOGGLING to me. 

Peace out!