S A N T E E.

Santee Alley downtown is heaven, if you like great deals and can handle your own when haggling and bartering. If you play your cards right you can walk out of there with some serious fashion for some not-so-serious money, don't let the shopkeepers play you- the reason there is no prices on items is because all prices are negotiable- insider tip- if you buy in bulk you'll get a better deal, so bring some friends. It's also a great place to eat street food and play dress up. Which is basically what my friend Golbon & I did today!

Check out the photos to see all the fun goodies we discovered.

PS. You might not want to go there & take photos of everything you try on- We got yelled at quite a bit hahahaha. SHHH, I'm blogging here!

Besos, Bitches.