All my secrets to get free shit.

Sometimes I wake up and I'm just so over it already. This morning I woke up to super annoying texts and a stressful situation that basically ruined my whole day. I can only imagine that everyone who lives in this city feels the same way sometimes. 

Then a friend reminded me that my life is actually pretty awesome and I've gotten to do a lot of cool stuff since I moved to this city, so I figured I'd be nice today and share some of my knowledge with y'all so you can do cool things too. 

Just about everyone I know is constantly asking me how on Earth I can possibly afford to do half the shit I do on a regular basis. Even my grandpa and my parents have told me that I must be "living way above my means" and while that may be SLIGHTLY true, I'd like to assure you all that my "lifestyle" is a gross exaggeration. 

GUYS. I'm about to tell you all my secrets. GET EXCITED. 

You too can live in LA, go to cool events, eat gourmet food, and still be grossly underpaid. #LivingtheDream 

So, let me start by saying DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME for any of this, I work my ass off to be this broke OKAY. LA is a fucking expensive city and unlike the rest of it's citizens who lie about their income or pretend they don't really have an inheritance hidden somewhere (or are escorts...oops- did I say that?)- I am going to admit to the fact that I need and sometimes accept help to stay in this damn city of angels. 

Ok- so first off Los Angeles is awesome mainly because you can get gourmet chef inspired food for under $5 from a truck. Food trucks are amazing, cheap, and it's pretty fun trying to find them. Follow them on twitter and you're always sure to find one near you! Little tip: a LOT of them sit outside of warner bros during lunch. 

#2 there are a crazy amount of FREE events throughout the week that offer complimentary drinks and food. You just need to find them and then find out how to get on the list. A lot of them are in studios downtown acting as designer "pop-up" events. Sign up for a few email lists for fashion brands to hear about some! StoreFrontLA just launched and they are sure to be doing some fun events in the near future. 

Befriend promoters- if you're a cool girl chances are promoters will help you get on the list for trendy nightclubs and usually promoters get complimentary bottle service or a bar tab up to a certain amount. Just be sure to offer to chip in for your servers tip- because they don't work for free. 

Sign up to do background acting- do it- even if you're not an actress. Signing up for central casting is a pain in the ass, but not only they pay you to basically stand around and do nothing, they feed you, and usually the food is pretty great. They also allow you to take a to go box home. So if you happen to have a day off, why the hell not? I've also met some of my closest friends in this city on background acting jobs. Not to mention I've gotten to meet Courtney Cox and Bono on jobs like this. 

Facebook groups. Join Facebook groups. There are tons of groups for people of all kinds where you can make connections, get a free haircut, get free head shots, get on a list for a cool party with food and booze. There are groups for every micro-group ever. From musicians to foodies and so forth. 

Join HiDine. It's an online dating site for foodies that requires men to pay for the first dinner to eliminate the awkward check grab process. And most of the men on there are attractive. You could maybe even meet a guy. Aw shucks. 

Be a gym whore. No, not THE gym whore, A gym whore. Most gyms, cycling places, kickboxing, yoga, and Pilates places offer anywhere from your first class free to two weeks free and there's always a new gym popping up somewhere. This just takes a little bit of professional googling. If that's to much effort for you, there's always Runyon canyon. 

Get make up and perfume samples from sephora... Until the end of time. 

Sell and buy all your clothes at Crossroads trading. Crossroads is great. 

Repeat after me- santee alley downtown. It's basically a 3rd world country in the middle of LA where you can buy knock of everything for like pennies.... It's basically heaven. Go there. Maybe you can even find this shirt. 

And if all else fails- dress up like you're homeless and beg for money on the corner... Wait... Don't do that.