On Wednesdays, WE. WEAR. PINK.

    Well guys, it's happened, I am officially old. Ten years ago today that little classic we call Mean Girls came out & it got me thinking that I have been a little lax on following my bestie Regina George's rules.  I'm not going to lie to ya'll- sometimes I wear sweat pants to work and I barely ever wear pink (gasp)...especially not on Wednesdays which are probably my busiest days.

I love feeling pretty as much as the next girl but sometimes it's just really a lot of work. Not to mention pink sort of makes me feel like I'm trying WAY to hard to be Barbie.

Today though, I sucked it up and did the girly thing my way- with a casual floral romper, a beachy fedora, and some killer jewelry.

Just a little reminder to myself that Regina George is queen & pulling yourself together really is the right thing to do.

Because if you dare wear one of those pink sweat suits around town- YOU DEFINITELY CAN'T SIT WITH US.