Why Does this Bitch have Coffee on her face?

That answer is simple,  sometimes you have to get dirty to get clean.

Think about it, mud masks, mud baths, oil masks for your hair- sometimes the best hygiene tips get you really dirty first.

It's been a little while since I shared with you guys some cool beauty tips and products that I'm loving so I thought it was overdue! Especially since moving to LA I've discovered some really fucking cool stuff.

But let's start with explaining the coffee! The newest fad going on right now is Frank's Coffee Scrub, a super popular product in Australia is making waves here in the US- & we alllllll know those Australian bitches got it going on! I discovered this when a bunch of my friends started posting naked selfies with their Frank bag covering their naughty bits.


Here's why it's cool & here's why it WORKS:

        * When caffeine is applied topically to the skin it can stimulate blood-flow and circulation, this  helps to reduce cellulite. Ground coffee beans are also a natural exfoliant helping to reduce dry skin, as well as target eczema and psoriasis.   

        * It also has awesome things like coconut, grapeseed, and almond oil in it- these oils make your skin literally feel like a baby's butt. 

Now, while Frank's IS amazing, smells rad, and clearly has a killer marketing team running their business (don't believe me go check instagram- #thefrankeffect & you will see exactly what I'm talking about) coffee scrubs are actually REALLY easy to make at home. THAT part I discovered because my roommate (the DIY queen of the world) had a bowl of the brown scrub in our shower & I of course, HAD to figure out what the hell it was.

So here's an easy recipe for a DIY version of Frank (although, it doesn't smell as nice).

- 1 cup ground coffee

- 1/2 cup brown sugar
- 1/4 cup sea salt
- 1 cup coconut oil
- 1 tbsp grapeseed oil (optional, cause...well...shit is expensive)

Put this stuff on your body, your face, wherever! Caffeine stimulates cell growth, makes you look more awake, exfoliates....the ONLY downside is that it will most definitely make a mess of your bathroom. 

My next beauty MUST HAVE is a mud mask from the Dead Sea. While I'm actually not sure WHY the hell this stuff is so damn good, doing a dead sea mud mask on my face once a week has done wonders for my skin!! Unfortunately, the real stuff doesn't always come cheap- like, it actually might be cheaper to just buy a plane ticket to the Dead Sea- but here are some good ones that are, in my humble opinion, worth every penny. 

        * Seacret- Mineral Rich Clarifying Mud Mask ($95) found here: http://www.seacretspa.com/dead-sea-mud-mask

        * Minus 417- Mud Beauty Mask- $42 at Urban Outfitters

The next beauty tip isn't really a product but I feel it's necessary that I tell you all- HOT YOGA, nothing makes me feel better than sweating out all those toxins from a boozy weekend or a stressful day, this does wonders for your body, mind, and SKIN- so sign up for a class immediately, you won't be sorry.

Again- not a beauty tip but SAGE YOUR APARTMENT. It may sound like hippie shit but I am 100% all for anything that is said to reduce stress and create positive vibes in your living environment. Think about it, you don't really know who has lived in your apartment before you or what their struggle was. Even the negative stuff that has happened to you can effect the energy of your living space. So if you catch yourself feeling a little down run to a natural herbs store or whole foods and pick up some sage smudge sticks, if stores like that don't exist in your neighborhood they also sell them on amazon and Etsy! White sage with lavender is my favorite.

Next up  BIOTIN!! This wonder vitamin makes your hair thicker, grow faster, makes your nails stronger, and kick starts your metabolism. Take 5,000 mcg twice a day and watch yourself transform.

Saving the best for last....can I get a drum roll please?.... COCONUT OIL!!!! Every girl I know in LA goes nuts for this stuff! There are literally 1000 uses for it but here are some of my favorites:

        * As a moisturizer (DUH...)- I put it on before I go to bed all over my body and face- after a shower I will mix a little with my favorite lotion to give it an extra kick.

        * As a hair mask- Coconut oil can give your dry hair a serious make over, but be sure to wash your hair a couple of times afterwards because it is pretty hard to get out. My personal favorite recipe is the Honey & Coconut oil mask from the every girl- found here- http://theeverygirl.com/feature/coconut-oil-honey-hair-mask

       * To oil pull.- If you don't know what oil pulling is check it out here - http://wellnessmama.com/7866/oil-pulling-for-oral-health/

       * Cooking- use this instead of vegetable oil and watch a few pounds melt away

       * BULLETPROOF COFFEE - this may sound odd to you but trust me & try it. There are a few different recipes on the internet for this but here's mine:
                    - Black Coffee
                    - Spoonful of Coconut Oil
                    - Dissolve a little honey in
                    - Splash of almond or coconut milk

Other recipes involve butter, cinnamon, tons of other things- find what works best for you! The benefit of doing this is 1- cutting out sugar and cream and 2- ingesting a healthy fat such as coconut oil first thing in the morning jump starts your metabolism & there are even studies that show that ingesting coconut oil is great for your skin- I have certainly noticed a difference!

Well now that we've come full circle & back to my favorite thing (coffee) I'm done here! I hope you ladies (& gents) find these tips helpful!

Till next time!

Laura Elise Barrett