The LA Diaries: The time I met a little guy named OSCAR.

       The Academy Awards. It's the biggest and most prestigious award show in the world. It's the night where the who's who of Hollywood come together to celebrate their success or, If you are Leonardo Dicaprio, it's just another night where you are continually ROBBED of the award you so obviously deserve. I digress. The Oscars are a time for celebration, for fashion, & most importantly- for champagne.

The Oscars this year marked the end of my first major awards season in LA, it also marked my 6 month anniversary of living here to the day. I hear the first 6 months are the hardest, & guess what friends?? I'm NOT dead! So cheers to that! Celebrations were obviously in order!

My beautiful friend Lauren Crowell and I got all dressed up and headed for Hollywood Blvd to dance the night away! We ended up going to the Hellman & Walter Salute to the Stars after party sponsored by the Actor's Fund at the W Hotel. After walking the red carpet and having a million flashes directed at us and basically being temporarily blinded (BIG hugs and thanks to Taylor Shank an amazing publicist, actor & friend for getting us on the red carpet list- you sir, are the shit) , we entered a room where we were greeted with a free make-up gift bag and a glass of champagne before hopping onto the elevator to go up to the rooftop.

Everything after that was a whirlwind of fun, there were photobooths, entire bars made out of ice, live painting exhibits, performances by Taylor Hicks and Billy Ray Cyrus, and who can forget the open bar... Lord knows I love a good open bar.

In attendance was the always beautiful Sloane Avery (from Teen Wolf and Don Jon), Whitney Hice, Fashion writer Justin Travis Howard, the band Hudson (who are super talented- check them out when you get a minute), and those are just to name a few- it was INCREDIBLE to see you all! And to our new friends Rick, Ricky, and Brandon I'm sorry we lost you... I tend to wander.

Once Lauren and I decided to call it a night we headed home, changed into our pajamas and walked over to AstroBurger- now normally I would not include this part of the story- no one really needs to know about my 2 am bacon cheeseburger cravings and lack of self control, BUT what happened next was probably my favorite part of the night, so I will suck up my vanity for the sake of a good story - after having a very interesting...spirited...all around odd conversation with some very good looking British men (Nick Wilson- holler atcha girl if you happen to stumble across this ha) - a man walked in wearing a tux and holding an Oscar. Now it took a second for us to decide whether it was a prop from a party or not, because I mean... who carries their fresh newly engraved Oscar into AstroBurger? But after seeing the caliber of his tux and his beautiful dates dress we realized that this man was indeed carrying a real Oscar in a fast food restaurant.

It was none other than Morgan Neville, producer, director, and writer whose documentary '20 Feet From Stardom" had just won for 'Best Documentary'. And what's even better- is that he let every person in Astroburger take photos with the illusive trophy. What a great guy!

I think it's safe to say that my first Oscar evening was a complete success & I can't wait for the years to come! I'd also like to take a little sappy moment to thank everyone who has helped me survive LA for the last 6 months- you people are my sanity and my heart- I wish there was an award show for friendship.

Till next time folks!


The Amazing Taylor Shank

Me (Laura Elise Barrett), Sloane Avery, and Justin Travis Howard

Me & Lauren Crowell aka "J. Lo" (or so everyone thought)

We're totally normal, we swear.

I love this pretty lady.