Studs, Sparkles, & Colorful Fur- LA Fashion Week 2014

      You hear about fashion weeks all over the world. The big ones are, of course, in New York and Paris- one of these days you will most definitely see me sitting next to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen front row at the Chanel show in Paris, you can bet your ass on it. But for now, I am still a struggling actress, so I will enjoy every moment that Los Angeles fashion week has to offer.

     While LA Fashion week doesn't bring out the big names like Marc Jacobs or Karl Lagerfield, it certainly brings out some lesser-known but HUGELY creative designers that are just waiting for their time in the spotlight!! You guys remember Michael Costello? The amazing designer behind Beyonce's EPIC Grammy dress? He had a show at LA's Style Fashion week & while I did not make it to that show due to other commitments I heard it was incredible! I DID get to make it to the Betsey Johnson fashion show & my absolute favorite fashion week event- Project Ethos!

   Let's start with the Betsey show! I walked in with my beautiful friend Sloane Avery and immediately ran into the always fabulous Justin Thomas Howard (fashion blogger that you immediately need to go follow- after reading this post, of course). We walked the red carpet and I was introduced to lovelies such as Vanessa Cater, Maitland Ward, and Thuc Win! We had a blast goofing off on the carpet as usual- these super fun people always make a splash! Next we went in to explore the booths before we went in for the official shows. There were gift bags, the winner of a recent cupcake wars battle handing out AMAZING cupcakes ( I mean literally- there was bacon on them, I die), a booth showcasing gorgeous jewelry that had been used in Lady Gaga's "Judas" video and multiple photoshoots with artists such as Nikki Minaj & Justin Beiber!

    Once we took our seats Sloane and I immediately made friends with the beautiful woman sitting next to us and after we oo'd and ahh'd at the menswear fashion before us (all the while laughing at America's Next Top Model judge "Ms. Jay's" facial expressions as he watched the show)- she brought us backstage to meet the models and designers! It truly was a very cool experience.

(Ms. Jay does not look pleased, eek!)

Next up was the official Betsey Johnson show! It was crazy to say the least- the clothes consisted of colorful fur coats, rainbow knee socks, & sequins everywhere! Towards the end Betsey came out with two male models dressed as firemen and did cartwheels down the runway... YES, cartwheels.

A few nights later the same group with the addition of the illustrious (or as Justin would call him 'mysterious") Drew Carlson made our way to Project Ethos. Those of you who have known me for what feels like forever ago know that I actually did my college internship with Project Ethos while studying event planning so attending one of these incredible events as a guest here in LA almost felt like things were starting to come full circle.

Project Ethos is actually one of the coolest concepts in the fashion world at the moment because they feature UPCOMING designers who you may or may not have heard of yet and give them a chance to showcase what they can really do!- but it doesn't stop there, they have live dancers, a musical performance, a live art show, and an art gallery- all under one roof. PLUS it is actually open to the general public (with tickets for purchase). While the seating by the runway is reserved for fashion writers, style icons, actors, overall VIPs, and the occasional former-intern-who-called-in-a-favor, i'd definitely recommend buying yourself a ticket to one of these events and seeing firsthand what this company is doing for the fashion world, you won't regret it. AND if you manage to score a seat with a gift bag prepare yourself for spontaneous bursts of happiness!! The Project Ethos gift bag really went all out this year- discounts, cosmetics, a $200 jewelry giftcard, snacks, headphones, an uber giftcard, jewelry and more!

Oh & did I mention that I finally got to meet the cast (or half at least) of Vanderpump Rules at Project Ethos?! -- Yes, I know- you are judging me for fan-girling/being borderline obsessed over a reality show on Bravo- but we all have our flaws right?

The videos and photos below speak for themselves!

Featured Designers:

* Indah Clothing
* Layana Aguilar (my personal favorite)
* David Tupaz
*Betsey Johnson
* Civil Society
* Lolly Clothing

^ Project Ethos Gift bag goodies!

Myself & Vanderpump Rule's Scheana Marie!

Vanessa Cater, Myself, Justin Thomas Howard, & Sloane Avery!

Me & Sloane Avery!

Vanessa Cater, Justin Thomas Howard, Sloane Avery, & Thuc Win!


Civil Society Killed it in menswear!

                                                            Myself and Drew Carlson

Blurry- but you are welcome ladies.

Drew Carlson, Myself, Justin Thomas Howard, Sloane Avery.