The OC

So let me be honest, sometimes LA REALLY overwhelms me. The parking, the copious amount of people, everyone having an ego or an attitude- at times it can truly be exhausting. After having had one of the hardest couple of weeks basically ever... I decided to join my friend the fantastic Drew Carlson for a little mini adventure down to Orange County and man am I glad i did. 

I will say that I am so lucky to live in California, a place where winter is basically non existent and the beaches are world renowned. I had never been to the OC and my inner high school girl was giddy to see all the places Lauren Conrad  spent time at during that little documentary they did a few years back... 'Laguna Beach'... Maybe you've heard of it? ;) 

When we first arrived we had brunch at Las  Brisas which was basically filled with tourists and ladies who lunch, but the food was great and the bloodys were to die for. Afterwards we grabbed a bottle of sauv blanc and headed for thousand steps beach. Drew and I both follow Adam Gallagher (a menswear blogger) on instgram and he had recently posted a bunch of photos of these incredible caves and we HAD to check them out for ourselves. So thank you to Adam (@iamgalla) for the travel inspiration! 

We found the caves, saw some incredibly beautiful and unique houses, took some photos, played with some sea anemones, watched the sunset, and basically had the most relaxing gorgeous day ever. We even got to witness a ridiculously adorable couple get engaged! After congratulating them we even found out that he was from Minnesota (where Drew is from) and she was living in Arizona (where I was living for 7 years prior to moving to LA). Such a precious moment. 

Check the photos. 

After our beach adventure we had dinner at a cute little Mexican place in town and headed back to the city of Angels. 

One thing is certain- I will definitely be heading back to Orange County whenever I need a break from the craziness that is my life. 

Ciao bellas! Xx