Fashion is my drug.

The one things I love most about LA is the artistic environment. Los Angeles is vibrant, fast paced, and breeds creativity. It's no secret why artists of all kind move here to pursue their dreams- be it acting, music, fashion, cosmetology, whatever your dream is, when you live here you literally wake up and feel inspired. That's why we put up with the traffic and the parking tickets, the tourists and the price of living right?; it's because it actually IS worth it to feel that buzz that the city gives you. You are able to explore a new place everyday, for example I have lived here for 6 months and today was my first trip to Glendale where I discovered my new favorite mall- I actually think the Glendale Americana is better than the Grove (gasp! Blasphemy... I know.) Los Angeles is literally my drug, it can make you feel so high one minute and bring you crashing down the next, but that high..oh it is so good.

My favorite part about it all thought has to be the freedom of expression that is not only accepted, but CELEBRATED here. I cherish the fact that people feel so comfortable being who they are, wearing what they want, and doing what they truly love. Half the shit I wear around LA would get me some pretty sheisty looks just about anywhere else in the world. In most places you don't see people who look like they just walked out of Vogue Magazine, actually wearing avant garde articles of clothing on the street, or having pastel colored hair like that's totally standard and it grew out of their head that way.  Fashion can bring you back in time to the 1920's when men smoked tobacco out of pipes or being you into the future with something straight out of the Jettsens. 

So in honor of all the sassy bitches who wear what they want and do what they want not just in LA but all over the world here are some things in fashion that I am TOTALLY digging right now. 

* Top hats, head scarves, even hats that look like you stole the one Pharrell wore to the Grammys.

          It's no secret amongst my friends that doing my hair is my least favorite activity, I'm not good at it, it's time consuming, and I usually burn myself. THEREFORE: hats are my best friend, I hope this trend is here to stay, forever and ever. 

This endless beanie from is to die for- it's super versatile. & My gorgeous friend Caitlin Zenisek rocks this look so well.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen can absolutely do no wrong when it comes to fashion. I'm borderline obsessed with them. This head scarf looks amazing and black top hats are my go-to fashion accessory of the moment.

** Faux Fur -- do I really even have to explain my obsession with this? Fur just makes you look like royalty. 

Fur to me is such a "power" article of clothing to me. Back when wearing real fur wasn't considered inhumane wearing the fur of an animal showed human dominance over other living creatures and whether you think that is a good thing or not you can't deny that something about fur (even the fake stuff) just screams royalty. 

*Crazy make up in public- 

I seriously love it when girls do this! I wish I was this ballsy. 

* All Black Everything. 

Black makes you look slimmer, is basically impossible to get dirty, and goes with everything. Enough said.

Basically I just think that the world would be a better place if everyone looked like they popped out of an episode of American Horror Story, Coven.

As you can tell my style is pretty dark and vampy and sometimes I wonder if I might be a vampire, but I like what I like & I will never apologize for that!

I am so proud to live in a place that celebrates individuality! I think we could all stand to take more risks, I mean... Why the fuck not?!