Chalk On.

      A few of you have asked me recently how one day my hair is pink and the next it's back to blonde so here goes- that answer is simple - CHALK- and you can actually find loads of tutorials all over the internet, I chose to post yet another one because every tutorial I read does not follow the same steps that I do and to be honest, I like my way better.

(Photo Courtesy of Jaime Anderson Photography)

     For those of you who are in the entertainment industry like me you know that you can't exactly submit a headshot with blonde hair and show up with green hair, that's probably the quickest way to get thrown out of an audition (literally, I have been reprimanded because my headshot had a darker shade of imagine the reaction to pink, blue, or green the casting director might actually die). So what do you do when you have an itch to play around with color? You turn to chalk!

    Now I am not talking about sidewalk chalk, please do not put sidewalk chalk in your hair- unless you want dust to be falling down all over your clothes looking like you have the strangest form of dandruff EVER. Beauty supply stores do in fact sell hair chalking sets but they can be a little pricey (or more expensive than they need to be, it's fucking chalk for god's sake). What I do is go into an art supply store (TIP: Small business art stores tend to be cheaper for small things like this, the mark up at the big chain art supply stores is actually insane) and I find the section for SOFT- i repeat SOFT artist chalk. The great thing about getting it from an art store is that you can choose what colors you want, those kits they sell at beauty stores will probably come with about 10 colors- of which you'll probably use about 4 and they may not even be the exact shade you want. With art stores they have hundreds of colors and tones ranging from pretty pastels to intense bold colors.

      Ok so here's the deal, I am not going to lie to you, this is easier to do on blonde hair, it is also more difficult to get out of blonde hair so there are pros and cons on each side of the hair color spectrum. If you have a medium/light blonde this will be a breeze for you (easy on/easy off), but if you're white blonde like me it may take up to 4 washes to completely come out. If you are brunette this will literally come out the second your hair gets wet again.

     Alright, let's get down to the basics, most other blogs will tell you that if you're blonde you don't need to wet your hair- this is where I disagree. I have tried to do this on dry hair and it made my hair feel super gross for lack of better terminology. SO, get your hair wet, then take the chalk and rub it on your hair where you would like it to go, whether you want full head or ombre- you can even do half and half. If you want the color to be bold or you are a brunette, then you are done, let your hair dry. If you're blonde and you'd like it to have more of a pastel shade like i've been rocking get back in the shower and shampoo over the chalk, this will lighten the shade. It is fine do do it dry if you're blonde and just want a couple of colorful highlights- but be warned that without the water to get the chalk to stick it could flake off throughout the day and come off on your hands or clothes.

WHILE YOUR HAIR IS STILL WET make sure you put some sort of hair serum or oil into your hair, the chalk feels dry and make make your hair seem more brittle than it actually is- avoid blow drying if you can for this same reason.

Then voila! You have colored hair for the next couple of days!

Getting it out-- Use a clarifying conditioner and a thick creamy conditioner- if you're blonde shampoo at least twice. My hair is white and after the first wash it is usually all out but there was one time I did this where it took 3 washes- I'm guessing the pigment in the chalk I chose was just stronger than usual.

Well, there you have it! Chalk on ladies!