Wonder Women!

    Those of you who know me personally know that for the last month I have been rehearsing for a theater show in West Hollywood for the TreStage Theater! Well the time has come folks for opening night THIS Thursday January 23rd! We have a crazy talented/inventive cast and I can't wait for the show to go on!

     I myself play "Ultra Woman" a super goody-two-shoes super hero who gets herself into some trouble with her nemesis Evilynne- played by the amazing Golbon Eghtedari who constantly has me laughing my ass off before scenes while we do our "pre-scene yoga sessions" and awkward face making at eachother, along with my "sidekick" Deja Fenix Harris whose killer twerking will be sure to impress. So if you ever wanted to see me act a DAMN FOOL while wearing spandex now is your chance!

     Now let me tell you about the rest of the cast:

First up we have Finnigan Morris, a British man who could probably put this whole show on by himself and play all of our characters just as well as we do, he can probably do every accent in the world. Don't believe me? Come see the show because Finn will be playing the role of MadMan, Hobson, and Nurse... all of whom have different accents from around the globe! Seriously, guy could (and should) make a living do one man shows.

Playing Finn's counter part Super Woman is Rena Mehko a super talented actress who goes from being sweet and lovable to a boss ass bitch in 2.4 seconds. Rena's positive and silly attitude has brought so much fun and life into our rehearsals!

Then there's Jade and Rachel who play the Amazon Princess and Kelly their scenes are hilarious, dramatic, and enjoyable to watch!

Next up are Billy and Gerry who are literally the core of the show, working their humor into just about everything it's tough not to laugh out loud and break character when they are on stage. I can only hope that some of their wit and improv ability has rubbed off on me!

Finishing out the cast is Humberto Meza who plays a dim-witted sidekick named Youngblood who is constantly messing things up, Humberto however is absolutely anything but dim-witted I'm pretty sure he memorized all of his lines before any of us! Followed by Bianca Murillo who plays Nightshade and Breanna Lewis who plays her arch enemy Mistress- these two beautiful ladies came into the cast slightly later than the rest of us but have wowed us with their ability to come into this show and truly shine!

Last but certainly not least is our incredible director Catherine Gorrell who has given us great feedback along the way while putting up with our (mainly my) craziness for the last month!

    Our show opens at 9:30 PM at the TreStage theater on Sunset Blvd and La Brea we will be performing every Thursday for the next 8 weeks, I hope those of you who live in LA will come check it out and support this amazing independent theater!

All my love!