Grammy Time!

     The Grammys are a time to celebrate the biggest names in music- to honor them with the highest award that they can achieve in their careers. The performances are always mind blowing, the fashion is always on point, and fun is most definitely in the air! This year I was able to attend this incredible occasion, how you ask? That's a great question- HOW would a 24 year old aspiring actress with very little musical talent score a ticket to the Grammy Awards? ... Was I someone's date? No. As my cousin Jimmy put it "Did you go down on someone for that ticket?" Hell NO. Did you sneak in? No.

     I am about to school you with a little bit of knowledge about this industry. Everything, and i mean EVERYTHING is an illusion. An optical illusion to convince the general public that the entertainment industry is a glamorous place. Let me tell you something- it is not. The majority of these artists worked their damn asses off for years, hearing rejection after rejection, only to FINALLY create a song that made it onto the radio and shot them into stardom, and the most blessed of these artists were able to stay there. That's what I think the real award should be for- for not giving up, for being willing to fail, stand back up and keep creating music, never truly knowing whether it would ever make them famous.

     Now another illusion Hollywood creates is that every seat in the Staples center is filled for the Grammy awards. They do this by "hiring" seat fillers. They don't pay this group of people but by being willing to risk not having a set seat and potentially moving up to 10 times throughout the show you can attend the Grammys as a guest, for FREE (woah).  It's not the easiest process and you have to jump through some hoops but here's what I did. I signed up at THEN I had to fill out for another site within their site followed by emailing them a headshot, resume, and references. Once I was registered I received update emails telling me which events they needed fillers for- this was a list of everything from the Jimmy Kimmel Show to you guessed it- the Grammys.  32,000 people put their name in that draw this year and 150 were chosen. HOLY LUCKY that I got to go! I feel totally blessed to lead this charmed life that I do because honestly- I'm totally broke and super stressed out- yet somehow everything manages to work out in my favor (knock on wood).

       So I get ready, put on my dress, get in my car and head to the Staples Center, they check my 2 forms of ID and give me my credentials to get into the building and then there was a little bit of boring waiting around. Like an absolute IDIOT I went to the bathroom right before the show started- not knowing that you can NOT get back in until commercial break- so I missed Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Lorde's performance (so grumpy about it, still want to cry). At the next commercial break I was placed in a seat about 20 rows back that was actually empty and i watched the awards unfold. Katy Perry, Imagine Dragons, Kendrick Lamar, John Legend, Pink, and so many more performed right before my eyes, it was honestly magical.

      For the second half of the award show I was moved into a row a couple rows in front of Paris Hilton and about 4 seats over from Neil Patrick Harris -- fan girling on the inside the entire time quietly shouting in my head  I'M SITTING NEXT TO BARNEY STINSON!!!!" Then.... something insane happened-- they moved me to the FRONT ROW. I'm talking Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry, Robin Thicke, Beyonce and Jay-Z were all in the same row and I was. Absolute insanity! Metallica, Sarah Bareilles, Macklemore, Madonna, and a few others then took the stage and I was in complete awe-- you can see from the photos that I was just the happiest little child in the room! So much music, so much talent!!

The whole time I was up laughing, dancing and smile with what is left of the Beatles, my idol Madonna is on stage, over 30 couples got married by Queen Latifah at the Grammys, and of course the camera pans to me wiping my tears at that exact moment- but let's be real with all the happiness going on around me it would have been weird if I DIDN'T cry right?